Full day program times

This year we have two Kindy groups. One on Monday, Tuesday and every alternate Wednesday, and a Thursday, Friday and every alternate Wednesday.

Class times are 8.10 am –2.25 pm

See the below roster for your Wednesday dates

Kindy Group 1 Wednesdays

Kindy Group 2 Wednesdays

What to Bring

In the interest of your child’s dental and physical health, no lollies, sweet biscuits or chocolate are allowed at Kindergarten. Children will share a healthy snack at fruit time – this is an important part of our social development teaching. Acceptable foods to send with your child for shared fruit time are:

  • Fruit – apples, oranges, bananas, pears, watermelon, etc.
  • Dried fruit
  • Vegetables/Salads – carrot, celery, tomato, cucumber
  • Hard boiled eggs, cold meats – eg polony
  • Cheese, savoury biscuits but not sweet biscuits.

A drink of water will follow shared fruit. When packing lunch please ensure food is prepared and packed in a manner that is easy for your child to access. We have a water fountain, but when packing their drink we strongly recommend water. Please notify staff if there is any food your child is allergic to or is not to eat.

Peg’s Creek Primary School is a nut aware school.


Please provide your child with a healthy lunch.

Other items to bring

Each child will need a bag to keep their belongings in. Back packs (standard size) are most suitable as they keep the hands free for carrying large or delicate work.

  • 1 hat (labelled)
  • 1 spare set of clothes
  • 1 hand towel
  • 1 library bag

Your child’s birthday

Birthdays are special events in a child’s life. Children like to have their birthdays celebrated at school and they provide a great opportunity for learning many social skills.

If your child’s birthday falls on a school day, you are welcome to send cupcakes or a healthy alternative.

Please consult with the Teacher regarding any plans and number required.

Bringing and collecting your child

Making sure your child is happy and safe is our priority. For this reason, parents, or a responsible person, are to bring their child to the Kindergarten each day and be available to collect them at the end of the day. If you wish your child to be collected by a person other than their guardian, please advise the teacher. Written permission is required if an older sibling is collecting your child.

Parent Involvement

At the beginning of Term Two a parent roster will be posted outside the class room.  We encourage you to put your name down when you can be available. Your child will love having you visit and be part of their Kindergarten.

Before assisting in any classrooms parents/carers must complete the Confidential Declaration. This Declaration verifies that parent/carers do not have any circumstances that preclude them from working with or near children.