Peg’s Well was once part of Karratha Station and is now situated on Lot 1081 in the Karratha Townsite.  Peg’s Well and Peg’s Creek were named by Mr Bill Leslie, former owner of Karratha Station (1929 – 66).  It was customary on the Station to name wells and creeks after girls.  Peg’s Well and Peg’s Creek were named after Peg McCamey (now Ingram who lived on Croyden Station with her parents in those days.

This school was built to supplement Primary and Pre-Primary facilities for the expanding centre of Karratha.

School commenced in 1978, using four demountable classrooms situated on the campus of the Karratha Senior High School, the Karratha Primary School and the Junior Primary.

Eighty five children attended the school under the Principal Mr Bader and six teachers (Mr A Dunne, Mrs N Mellefont, Miss D Warr, Miss K Cattrall and Mrs O Garden).

Formal lessons started at Peg’s Creek school on April 3, 1978 and it was officially opened on July 26, 1978.  Extensions to the school were opened in 1980.

Cattrall Park, west of the school is named after Miss Karen Cattrall who was tragically killed in a motor accident whilst holidaying in the Kimberleys.

Ships have played a part in local history and as a result the names of four ships were chosen for the school factions in 1978. In 2022, this has been a conversation for the school community on how culturally responsive this is moving forward. The school is in the process of revisiting the faction names and the design of the shirts in consultation with the school board, the P&C and the local community. They are:

Mermaid – Blue

Searipple – Yellow

Dolphin – Red

and finally Green – Mystery which has been retired.