Infectious illnesses

If your child contracts an infectious illness, they must be excluded from school.

Childhood immunisations

Children should be fully immunised before starting school. On enrolling your child, you must present your child’s immunisation records. If your child is not immunised they will be asked to stay home if another child has contracted a disease. Length will vary on the infectious disease.

No hat, no play policy

In the interests of your child’s health and well-being, our school has a “no hat, no play in the sun” policy which operates for the entire school year.

School Community Nurse

Our School Nurse will be visiting the school during the year to provide:

  • Health assessments on all Kindergarten/Pre-Primary students and any Year 1 student not assessed in Pre-Primary.
  • Year 6 vision assessment.
  • An immunisation program for all Pre-Primary and Year 6 students later in the year.
  • Health education and health promotion within the school and community.
  • Vision and hearing assessments on receipt of a referral form.  These forms are available at the front office at school and require the parent’s signature.

School Nurse/Generalist

Pilbara Population Health

Dampier Hwy
Phone:  9143 2221

Dental Therapy Clinic

A Dental Therapy Clinic is situated at Karratha Primary School, phone 9143 1666.  This service is free for primary school children.  Parents are responsible for transport to and from the Clinic.

School Psychologist

A trained School Psychologist is available on site to support students. Referrals are necessary. Parent consent is required for this service to be carried out.

Speech, Occupational Therapists and social work

These services are based at the Community Health Centre, phone 9143 2221, but are available through the school.