At Peg’s Creek Primary School, we have put in place a series of whole-school practices and programs in English including Letters & Sounds, Words Their Way, Talk 4 Write and Reciprocal Reading.

Teachers regularly collaborate about what and how they teach West Australian English Curriculum; share resources and ideas; and analyse school and system data to set achievement targets for our students.

Peg’s Creek Primary School also provides intervention for those students in Pre-Primary to Year 2 who experience difficulty with literacy skills.  Our Mini-Lit groups build on the work being done in classes with Letters & Sounds, to give students extra support.


At Peg’s Creek Primary School we continue to focus on improving every child’s learning in Mathematics. We would like all children to develop confidence with Mathematics and encourage, through our whole school processes, what is effective teaching and learning practices.

Our staff have a dedication to improvement and this is shown through collaboration and willingness to share ideas and activities to ensure that every child is given the best opportunity.  It is a shared understanding of the West Australian Mathematics curriculum that we continue to see improvement in student performance.  This is also achieved through partnerships, eg. CHOOSE Maths, to provide ongoing support to the school.

We value the Maths Wizard competition that we do across the school to build understanding and fluency of mental maths.  This is something that creates a lot of excitement within the school community.


Students are provided with an engaging hands-on program with their classroom teacher each week. Students explore Earth and Space Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, and Physical Sciences through the inquiry process. Our Science program is fundamental in teaching students to investigate, make predictions, observe and solve problems to understand our biological, physical and technological world. We have been well supported and involved with Scitech as part of their initiative to support scientific learning in the Pilbara since 2013

The Western Australian Curriculum: Science supports students to develop the scientific knowledge, understandings and skills to make informed decisions about local, national and global issues and to participate, if they so wish, in science-related careers. Students develop critical and creative thinking skills and challenge themselves to identify questions and draw evidence-based conclusions using scientific methods.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Teachers are using the Western Australian Curriculum to teach rich and integrated Humanities and Social Sciences programs. Focusing on the HaSS skills, students are providing with opportunities to ask questions, research, analyse, evaluate and communicate their findings. Pegs Creek Primary school has developed partnerships with the Local History Office at the Karratha Library, the Murujuga Rangers and the Woodside Visitors’ Centre.


Yinjibarndi language learning has been a part of Peg’s Creek Primary School since 2010.

Mrs Ryder has been teaching and helping all students to enjoy learning Yindjibarndi language which is a localised Pilbara language. Through sharing language we also learn about aspects of local history, the local environment, the land, people (other Language groups) and culture.

Our school has students from other cultures who are encouraged to share their own languages which helps to foster more awareness, respect and understanding of other world cultures.

It also creates a sense of collaboration and shared accomplishment in other learning areas and offers teachers a working knowledge toward developing cultural understandings within a cultural framework.

Languages are taught from Years 1 – 6 and from 2018 Year 3 Students participate in 2 hours of Language lessons per week.

Digital Technology

Digital Technologies continues to be provided at Peg’s Creek Primary School as a specialist subject from Pre-Primary to Year Six. Students work with quality technology that engages them with practical opportunities to use design thinking and be innovative developers of digital solutions and knowledge. Digital Technologies builds on and extends ICT skills, moving students from technology consumers to creators. The students participate in Digital Technologies for one hour per week.

Health and Physical Education

At Peg’s Creek Primary School we have a range of programs in place for students to be involved in Health Education. Our focus is on providing students with a Health and Physical Education experience that meets the Western Australia Curriculum. We implement the Protective Behaviours Program which is a nationwide resource run through Holding Hands Australia. We also implement the SDERA program which teaches students about drug education and road safety awareness as well as building resilience. This program links into the community and allows students to interact with outside agencies that come into the school to create a unique learning experience for students.

In Physical Education students have the opportunity to develop on their Fundamental Movement Skills by participating in a range of modified sports and games. This allows students to challenge themselves and to improve on their skills. Through the use of modified games, students have the opportunity to experience resilience, problem solving, team building and strategies and tactics.

Visual Arts

At Pegs Creek Primary School, classes from pre-primary to year 6 are provided with the opportunity to develop and strengthen both their visual arts and drama skills and understandings through creative, open ended  activities.

During our semester one visual arts program, students have access and exposure to a wide range of materials to explore their own artistic ideas such as acrylic and water colour paints, Indian ink, charcoal, graphite pencils, pastels, oil pastels, embossing foil, clay and glazes, with a strong emphasis on recycled materials and sustainable practises where possible.

Our drama program takes place in Semester two and students will explore their own ideas in performing arts and personal expression through voice and movement  activities and role play.

Our school fosters a strong involvement with the wider community participating in school and public exhibitions, locally run art competitions, excursions to visit Cossack Art Awards.